Work Futures and Economic Security

Work is a core human activity, and a key source of economic security, social status, identity, and wellbeing. However, work as we know it is undergoing transformation as a result of unprecedented changes in areas such as climate change, technological change, and social change. On one hand, these changes can exacerbate pre-existing socioeconomic inequalities. On the other hand, they represent an opportunity to rethink how we define, design, and distribute work and employment to ensure that it benefits society at large including the most disadvantaged. 

The Centre’s Work Futures and Economic Security theme conducts innovative and interdisciplinary research aimed at understanding how the forces of change are reshaping the world of work, and how policies can be designed to mitigate its consequences and promote the wellbeing of workers, their families, and communities.


Our work is underpinned by a participatory approach that engages stakeholders from various sectors – including Government, not-for-profits, and international organisations – to co-design research that is aligned with the needs of policymakers and practitioners, and more importantly, reflects the voices of the socially and economically marginalised.  We employ a mix of qualitative, quantitative, and experimental methodologies to understand and address complex issues and develop evidence-based solutions that can lead to positive societal outcomes. 

We are interested in working with you. To commission research or find out more about this theme, please contact our Work Futures and Economic Security Theme Lead, Dr Christine (Tin) Ablaza, at