Robust, rigorous research to meet the policy challenges of tomorrow across Queensland, Australia, the region and beyond.

The Centre for Policy Futures conducts research and policy engagement across the following themes:

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Our researchers undertake a wide array of independent, peer-reviewed research, as well as commissioned reports, discussion papers and policy briefs. By working closely with governments, international bodies and not-for-profit organisations, we aim to improve understanding of the complex policy challenges facing society. Contact our researchers to find out how we can work with your organisation.

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Parliamentary Submissions

The Centre for Policy Futures coordinates submissions to parliamentary inquiries for academics across UQ, bringing academic rigour and independent expertise to some of the most complex issues facing policy makers and politicians in Australia today.

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Emerging technologies are changing the way regulation is developed and implemented – and yet the underlying values, ethics and culture of compliance remain the same. This conference will help regulators develop and implement effective regulation in the evolving landscape.
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