Security, Development and Foreign Policy

The world is in the midst of a significant transformation of the global order. But even as power dynamics shift, disruptive challenges such as technological transformation, climate change, and societal divisions are further compounding the complexity of the situation in which policy-makers find themselves. Many of these emerging issues cross-cut and transcend traditional sectoral and jurisdictional boundaries creating wicked dilemmas for policy-makers, which defy simple, tried-and-tested approaches.

Within the Australian security, development and foreign policy-making context, disruptive change requires institutional innovation within public institutions, a deeper understanding of our region, and closer coordination across government and with industry, universities, civil society and multilateral organisations. The Centre for Policy Futures harnesses its interdisciplinary expertise and record of engagement with Southeast Asian and Pacific Island countries to explore Australia’s policy futures in a changing region.

Projects include:

Issues of Contestation and Coherence in Indonesia's National Security Policy Making

UK Ministry of Defence Global Strategic Trends: Out to 2050 in Oceania

Australia, the European Union, and the New Trade Agenda
Australia and the European Union: a study of a changing trade and business
UQ Cyber Security
Senior Research Associate, Centre for Policy Futures
Senior Specialist, Defence Research
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology