Policy Engagement Program

The Policy Engagement Program invites and engages experts on policy-priority topics over roundtable discussions to guide the development of the Centre’s 'Policy Futures' think piece series and Policy Takeaways series. The think pieces are designed to unpack complex topics for policy makers and regulators.

Policy Futures Regulating the New EconomyIssue 4: Policy Futures: Digital Transactions in India

This issue explore's India's digital transformation - a period of unprecedented social,
economic and political change, driven by digital platforms that operate at the centre of these processes. 

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Policy Futures Cyber Security GovernanceIssue 3 Policy Futures: Cyber Security Governance in the Indo-Pacific 

This issue examines the emerging policy frameworks on Cyber Security Governance in Indonesia, Australia and the Pacific Island Countries.

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Policy Futures A Reform AgendaIssue 2: Policy Futures: A Reform Agenda 

Policy Futures: A Reform Agenda is the culmination of the Policy Impact Program. 
A partnership between the University of Queensland and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.  

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Policy Futures Regulating the New EconomyIssue 1: Policy Futures: Regulating the new economy

In this issue we unpack emerging technologies and innovations including artificial technology, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and circular economy and their implications for policymakers and regulators.