Report | 2023

Building Disaster and Climate Resilience through Development Minerals

Dr Ray Maher

Report | 2023

Trust in Artifical Intelligence: A Global Study

Dr Caitlin Curtis

Policy Brief | August 2022

Decarbonising Queensland: Four pillars toward a resilient and inclusive
low-carbon economy

Dr Jennifer Yarnold & Prof. Greg Marston

Policy Brief | July 2022

Policy frameworks to address barriers to decarbonisation

Dr Lynette Molyneaux

Policy Takeaways | June 2022

Digital Health and Human Rights 
Dr Amelia Radke
Mr Sean Costello, Queensland Human Rights Commission
A/Prof Clair Sullivan, Queensland Digital Health Research Network UQ
Prof Ryan Ko, Chair & Director of Cyber Security, UQ
Watch the Webinar Roundtable: Digital Health and Human Rights

Policy Takeaways | November 2021

Digital Transactions in India: Platforms, Markets & Users

Dr Allison Fish
A/Prof Adrian Athique
A/Prof Pradip Thomas

Policy Takeaways | September 2021

Emerging Issues in the Regulation of Synthetic Biology in Australia

Dr Artem Anyshchenko 

Policy Takeaways | March 2021

Queensland’s Energy Transition Roadmaps 

Dr Lynette Molyneaux 

Policy Takeaways | 01 October 2020

Indonesia’s Shifting Countering/Preventing Violent Extremism Policy Landscape and the Implications for Bilateral Security, Law and Justice Engagement (UQ-UI Bilateral Research Forum)

Dr Greta Nabbs-Keller 

Policy Takeaways | February 2021

The case for effective mandated substance abuse treatment for young people

By Magistrate Jennifer Bowles
Churchill Fellow 2014, Vic

Policy Takeaways | February 2021

How Self-Determination is Returning White Smoke to Country

By Scott Falconer
Churchill Fellow 2017, Vic


Policy Takeaways | February 2021

Artificial Intelligence and Human Government

By Owen Churches
Churchill Fellow 2018, SA

Policy Takeaways | February 2021

Ignorance is not Innocence: implementing relationships & sex education in schools

Katrina Marson
Churchill Fellow 2018, ACT

Policy Takeaways | February 2021

Don't Wait Until They're Well: keeping sick kids connected to school

By Megan Gilmour
Churchill Fellow 2016, ACT


Policy Takeaways | February 2021

Employment Logic: the cultural shift needed for VET in Schools

By Steve Harrison
Churchill Fellow 2015, Tas

Policy Takeaways | February 2021

Zero Carbon Communities: a blueprint for clean energy transitions

By Taryn Lane
Churchill Fellow 2016, Vic

Policy Takeaways | February 2021

Design and Planning Policy for Family-Friendly Apartment Living

By Natalia Krysiak
Churchill Fellow 2018, NSW

Policy Takeaways | February 2021

We Need to Talk About Public Toilets: a policy agenda for inclusive society

By Katherine Webber
Churchill Fellow 2018, Qld

Policy Takeaways | February 2021

Breaking the Cycle: 'Straight Talking' ex-offenders reduce recidivism

By Claire Seppings
Churchill Fellow 2015, Vic

Policy Takeaways | February 2021

Peer Parent and Family Advocacy for Better Child Protection Outcomes

By Jessica Cocks
Churchill Fellow 2016, NSW

Banner photo credit: Unsplash/Linkedin