Policy 101: Understanding Public Policy and its Making

In this training workshop, HDR students learn how to produce policy-relevant findings and recommendations, and improve their understanding of what public policy is and how it is made. The workshop will:

  • Present the core concepts of policy and policy-making;
  • Introduce the actors, both official and unofficial, involved in policy-making;
  • Explain the policy process, from design to implementation and evaluation; and
  • Provide a summary of approaches to study public policy

The workshop is designed to assist researchers in increasing the impact that their work has on policy and practice and understanding the ways that it can influence the broader community. Knowing how and where to communicate their research, and understanding how to do so ethically and responsibly, is key to ensuring that their research has an impact. 

Other useful links for research impact:

This workshop is run annually by Associate Professor Pedro Fidelman from the Centre for Policy Futures.

2024 yet to be announced - Please email policyfutures@uq.edu.au to express your interest.