Dr Pedro Fidelman's research focuses, in a broad sense, on policy, institutions and management in the context of environmental governance. He is interested in understanding the role of institutions
(e.g., regulations, norms, and decision-making processes) in addressing contemporary
environmental issues (e.g., over-exploitation of natural resources, decline in ecosystem conditions
and climate change).

Pedro also has an interest in examining the process of policy making and associated social and political actors and contextual factors.

Areas of experience include coastaland marine governance, climate change adaptation and natural resource management in Australia, Brazil and the Southeast Asia.

Researcher biography

Doctor of Philosophy
University of Wollongong, Australia
Thesis: Collaborative Natural Resource Management in a Changing Institutional
Landscape: Rhetoric and Practice of Catchment Management in New South Wales

Master of Science (Geography)
University of São Paulo, Brazil | Special Commendation
Thesis: Integrated Environmental Diagnostic as a Tool for Coastal Management:
The Case of Mangroves in Ilheus, Brazil

Bachelor of Science (Oceanography; major in Environmental Management)
Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil | Honours 1 Class
Thesis: Primary Production of Scirpus maritimus Saltmarshes in the Patos Lagoon,