As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Blue Economy) at the Centre for Policy Futures, Miguel is working on the project called “Mapping and Analysis of Blue Economy Policy and Legislative Arrangements”.

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Researcher biography

Researcher Biography

Miguel F. Frohlich is an environmental planner and lawyer with over 12 years of experience working in the private and academic sector. His main research interests are governance and management of social-ecological systems, in particular, knowledge gaps in the fields of environmental planning, environmental law and policy, coastal management, climate change adaptation, and sustainability.



Doctor of Philosophy, University of the Sunshine Coast (in progress)

Master of Environmental Engineering, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Studies, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Bachelor of Laws, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro



Frohlich, M.F., Smith, T.F., Jacobson, C., Fidelman, P., Carter, R.W.B., Baldwin, C., 2019. Towards adaptive coastal management: lessons from a “legal storm” in Byron Shire, Australia. Ocean & Coastal Management 179, 104909.

Frohlich, M.F., Jacobson, C., Fidelman, P., Smith, T.F., 2018. The relationship between adaptive management of social-ecological systems and law: a systematic review. Ecology and Society 23(2),23.


Full list of publications available at Research Gate.