About WORKSHOP: Getting Research into Policy & Practice (GRiPP)

This interactive half-day workshop is designed for academics, professionals, and students who want to improve their understanding of the political and government landscape and how to frame and promote their research to inform and help shape policy.


Associate Professor Pedro Fidelman, Principal Research Fellow, Centre for Policy Futures
Pedro’s research focuses on environmental policy and governance, emphasising the role of institutions (e.g., regulations, norms, and decision-making processes) in addressing global environmental change. He is also interested in the process of policymaking and associated social and political actors and contextual factors.

Professor Brian Head, Professor in the School of Political Science and International Studies
Professor Brian Head joined the University of Queensland in mid-2007 after holding senior roles in government, universities, and the non-government sector. He is the author or editor of several books and numerous articles on public management, governance, social isues and environmental policy. His major interests are evidence-based policy, complex or 'wicked' problems, program evaluation, early intervention and prevention, collaboration and consultation, public sector integrity, and leadership. He has undertaken several consultancies on program evaluation, policy review, organisational performance, and good governance processes. He has strong interests in applied research across many areas of public policy and governance, and is committed to building closer links between the research and policy sectors. His recent books include Wicked Problems in Public Policy (2022, Palgrave, open access), Reconsidering Policy (2020, Policy Press, co-authored), and Learning Policy, Doing Policy (2021, ANU Press, co-edited).

Dr Tim Seelig,  Director, Strategic Policy in the Office of the DDG of Policy, QLD Dept. of Environment and Science.
Tim has extensive experience in public policy systems and decision-making, including policy analysis, social and environmental advocacy, political processes and engagement, and linking research and analysis with policy. He has worked in policy and related roles for three decades. He has delivered many university seminars, workshops, non-government forums, and conference presentations on policy-making and research-into-policy processes.  His Adjunct Associate Professor appointment at the UQ Centre for Policy Futures is concurrent with his professional role as a senior public servant in the Queensland government. 

In his current role, Tim provides high-level strategic advice, policy analysis and support on various challenging and multifaceted policy and operational issues to the DG and other Senior Executives. He assists with complex departmental strategies and initiatives.  He also manages the Strategic Policy Team in the Department.

Dr Caitlin Curtis, Research Fellow, Centre for Policy Futures

Dr Lynette Molyneaux, QLD Smart State Fellow and Research Fellow, Centre for Policy Futures