About Getting Research into Policy and Practice (GRiPP)

The Centre for Policy Future’s highly-regarded Getting Research into Policy and Practice (GRiPP) training is designed to help researchers better understand and navigate Australia’s policy landscape.

See the program for this event here.

The GRiPP training will help you to explore and understand:

  • The policy priorities of the new federal government 
  • The respective roles and responsibilities of Australian federal and sub-national governments
  • The difference between the political and policy spheres
  • The relationship between politics and research funding
  • Ways to promote your research and engage with policy-makers
  • What evidence-based policy means in practice
  • "Wicked" public policy problems
  • Shared experiences of interacting and engaging with the policy process
  • A case study on policy development

Part of the HASS Faculty, the Centre for Policy Futures was established with the purpose to undertake policy-relevant and rigorous research; build capacity within the University by enhancing the ability of academics to engage with policymakers; and deliver research engagement programs for policymakers throughout Queensland, Australia and the Indo-Pacific region.

The workshop is facilitated by the Centre's: 
Dr Greta Nabbs-Keller, Senior Specialist Defence Research & Senior Research Associate, Centre for Policy Futures. Greta is an international relations specialist who leads projects in the Security, Development and Foreign Policy theme at the Centre. She has extensive experience in strategic policy formulation, regional security analysis, defence diplomacy and international engagement.

Ms Shannon Willoughby, Director of Government Relations and Policy at The University of Queensland. Shannon has expertise in government relations, and stakeholder and government engagement. Shannon engages with all levels of government to facilitate strategic priorities and research endeavours at UQ. Her work aligns the university's efforts with current and emerging opportunities, and ensures that UQ is appropriately positioned to influence government policy.

Professor Brian Head, School of Political Science and International Relations, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, and Senior Research Associate, Centre for Policy Futures. Brian has held senior roles in government, universities, and the non-government sector. He is the author or editor of several books and numerous articles on public management, governance, social isues and environmental policy. His major interests are evidence-based policy, complex or 'wicked' problems, program evaluation, early intervention and prevention, collaboration and consultation, public accountability and leadership.

Professor Greg Marston, Director of the Centre for Policy Futures, and Deputy Executive Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at UQ. Greg has worked closely with different levels of government, the private sector and non-profits during his research career. His research is concerned with poverty and unemployment, climate justice, economic security and work and emerging technologies. He has a keen academic and personal interest in the everyday politics of policy making, framing and policy discourses.  


Goddard Building (8), The University of Queensland
Collaborative room 388