CPF Researchers Attend APS Workshop

17 August 2023

On Friday 28 July,  Dr Jennifer Yarnold and Dr Arianna Gatta represented the Centre for Policy Futures at the Australian Public Service Academia Collaboration Workshop at Old Parliament House in Canberra. The workshop provided an opportunity for public servants and academics to convene to discuss how better to consolidate the thinking already done around collaboration, and to further work together to solve complex public policy challenges.

The workshop focused on solution-oriented outcomes, and a discussion paper written by Dr Sarah Ball was circulated in advance to serve as a foundation for the discussions which took place. This delved into existing ideas about collaboration and proposed new potential innovations based on past experiences. The diverse spectrum of ideas touched on at the workshop facilitated an exploratory discussion to unpack the advantages and disadvantages of possible mechanisms in a collaborative environment. 

Dr Jennifer Yarnold and Dr Arianna Gatta outside Parliament House in Canberra