Dr Miguel Frohlich wins Scholarship for Ocean Ideation Program

16 September 2022

Dr Miguel Frohlich is one of the successful scholarship applicants who will undertake the Ocean Ideation Program 2022, which is offered by the Ocean Impact Organisation. The program supports academics involved in ocean research to become “oceanpreneurs”—to build the foundations to combine startup thinking and research projects, and possibly launch or engage with an ocean impact startup in the future. Up to 15 participants will be selected to participate in the Ocean Ideation Program 2022, with costs generously funded by the Kirby Foundation and Bank Australia. As part of the program, Miguel will undertake 6 modules over the course of 6 weeks, focusing on the following themes: entrepreneurship and ideation, ocean impact themes, startup opportunities, customer research, how to craft a valuable proposition, and launching a startup. These modules will show participants how to identify opportunities, come up with ideas, and test them out.

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