Workshopping Circular Approaches to Design for the 2032 Olympic Games

30 August 2022

On August 9, Mubeen Ahmad on behalf of Centre for Policy Futures, engaged in an action workshop on the Circular Economy and the Brisbane Olympics hosted by Deloitte and PlanetArk’s Australian Circular Economy Hub in partnership with the Netherlands diplomatic missions in Australia. The workshop signified an ongoing and deepening collaboration with stakeholders across both countries to accelerate the Netherlands and Australia in their transition towards a Circular Economy. The workshop was led by the Dutch Professor Dr Jacqueline Cramer, former Dutch Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, who  engaged with participants to understand what is needed to successfully accelerate circular economy programs in the built environment in Queensland. With Brisbane in the unique position to host the 2032 Olympic games, this discussion provided the opportunity to explore circular approaches to design and use in the built environment to support a climate positive games while contributing to the state’s ambitious zero net emissions targets by 2050.


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