New Publication Co-authored by Professor Greg Marston: "Compulsory Income Management in Australia and New Zealand"

23 June 2022

More than a decade on from their conception, this book reflects on the consequences of income management policies in Australia and New Zealand.

Drawing on a three-year study, it explores the lived experience of those for whom core welfare benefits and services are dependent on government conceptions of ‘responsible’ behaviour. It analyses whether officially claimed positive intentions and benefits of the schemes are outweighed by negative impacts that deepen the poverty and stigma of marginalised and disadvantaged groups.
This novel study considers the future of this form of welfare conditionality and addresses wider questions of fairness and social justice.

"Paternalistic conditionalities for entitlement to state benefits offend basic principles of justice. This book shows why." Guy Standing, SOAS University of London
“This superb analysis dissects how, in different ways, Australia and New Zealand have taken welfare conditionality to a new extreme. The dehumanising consequences for welfare recipients makes for essential learning.” Fiona Williams, University of Leeds