• Digitalisation in India (Image: David Dvoracek / Unsplash)

    Digital Transactions in India: Platforms, Markets, Users

    Critical debates are currently underway on the financial, social and economic regulation that will determine the form of India’s digital environment in coming decades. This two day webinar event will key into these debates by bring leading figures in India’s Fintech sector into conversation with Australian scholars focusing their research on digital transactions in India and the wider international significance of India’s digital agenda.  
  • Conversation Series: The Future of Sustainability Solutions

    Presented by the Australian Institute for Business and Economics and the Centre for Policy Futures
  • Conservation gene drive governance in Australia

    Gene drive is a cutting-edge genetic technology, which has the potential to address pressing conservation problems. However, governance challenges associated with gene drive may prove significant, requiring careful consideration before the science becomes conservation policy.
  • Dr Allison Fish

    Dr Allison Fish

    Senior Research Fellow (CSIRO-UQ Responsible innovation Collaboration)
    Centre for Policy Futures


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