The University of Queensland is a foundation member of the Australian Government’s International Partnership for Blue Carbon (IPBC).  The IPBC commissioned GHD Australia in partnership with UQ to perform an International Blue Carbon Stocktake to present the state of knowledge of science, practical action, and policy regarding coastal blue carbon ecosystems. 

The Stocktake considered research findings, international and national-level policies and frameworks, projects and practical actions taken to describe, understand, protect and restore coast blue carbon ecosystems for climate mitigation and adaption.  It continues to provide a valuable resource for collating currently available information regarding blue carbon science, policy and action into a single report.

The Stocktake was prepared by UQ’s Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Dr Tyrone Ridgway, Professor Karen Hussey, and Professor Catherine Lovelock. It was delivered at a high standard to the Australian Department of Environment and Energy (DoEE) within a three-month period and received high-quality feedback.   UQ presented the Stocktake findings to the second IPBC workshop in Abu Dhabi in July 2017, and continue to consult with the Australian Government on blue carbon requests and projects.