Researcher biography

Interdisciplinary technical & academic specialist - Health equity in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2030 Agenda

Dr Claire E Brolan is an academic focusing on intersecting global health and development policy, governance, equity and rights issues around the formulation, and now implementation, of the  Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)/2030 Agenda in Australia as well as in the Asia-Pacific region. With some 60 peer-reviewed and other publications behind her, as well as engagement in a number of prestigious international and global health research projects, Claire tackles complex domestic and global health and development policy and planning challenges by applying a mix of interdisciplinary research techniques and analytic approaches that draw on her extensive international law, global health policy, social science (qualitative research), biomedical, as well as health and human rights education, training, and in–the-field experience. Claire’s research approach reflects the fact the SDGs articulate a series of complex problems facing the world today and that responding to these will require three key elements:

(1) Interdisciplinary collaboration and research involving academia, government, civil society, communities, and the private sector;

(2) A focus on systemic change grounded in strong governance (including participatory governance) frameworks; and

(3) SDG policy, planning, implementation and monitoring that involve effective, transparent and path-breaking synergetic partnerships at community, sub-national, national, regional, and global levels.

Claire joined the Centre for Policy Futures at The University of Queensland (UQ) (Brisbane, Australia) in July 2018 after completing her Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada), under the supervision of the Canada Research Chair in Human Rights and Global Health Equity, Professor Lisa Forman.


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