Researcher biography

Dr Lynette Molyneaux is a University of Queensland Amplify Research Fellow.

Her research interests include climate and energy policy, frameworks to facilitate adaptation to a fast changing world and resilience in energy systems.

Previously, an Advance Queensland Research Fellow, she considered the Queensland economy’s resilience to a global energy transition. As part of the Fellowship she created a Queensland Energy Database and a report on strategies to adapt to a global energy transition.

Lynette was a researcher with the Global Change Institute for several years including investigating the feasibility of using Galilee Basin coal for energy poverty reduction in India and how to deliver a competitive Australian power system by 2030. Prior to her work with the Global Change Institute Lynette researched alternative systems for carbon abatement with particular emphasis on incentives for investment in abatement technologies.

Before her academic pursuits, Lynette worked for many years in the Information Technology sector in a variety of roles including financial analysis, product management, relationship management, and financial management.

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