Researcher biography

Mubeen is an academic lecturer and researcher, and a practicing registered architect and an urban planner.  He combines his interdisciplinary expertise as an academic and industry professional in working with the Centre for Policy Futures to develop a Sustainability Framework for SM Bay City, a large-scale urban development project in Manila, Philippines. 

Mubeen’s experience in research and practice is focussed on integration of innovative and sustainable development strategies to enhance implementation capacities in managing future urban growth, urban design and real estate development. Prior to joining CPF, Mubeen served as the Director of Design, working with key high-end developers, international clients, and development groups in executing a multitude of large-scale institutional, hospitality, and mixed-use urban development projects of usual value greater than $25 million from their initial phases to completion across local and international markets. At the University of Queensland, he also gives theory-practice based lectures on urban planning, transport planning, and urban economics.

Mubeen is a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland (Australia), has a Master’s in Urban Development and Management from Erasmus University (Rotterdam, Netherlands), and a Bachelor of Architecture from City University of New York (New York, United States).