Researcher biography

Greta’s research expertise aligns with the Centre for Policy Futures' Security, Development and Foreign Policy program with a focus on the nexus between domestic political imperatives and foreign policy decision-making in Indonesia’s relations with major powers. Greta also examines how Indonesia’s domestic political milieu influences the efficacy of national security policy making. Greta has served in previous national security and international engagement roles for both Federal and State Government. Greta is experienced in strategic policy formulation, intelligence reporting and assessment, intergovernmental relations and defence diplomacy. Greta has extensive experience working on the bilateral relationship with Indonesia in the defence, education and international development sectors. Greta contributes regularly to media and think-tank analysis on regional strategic, political and foreign policy issues, and engages with policy communities through submissions, dialogues, conferences and executive educations programs. Greta’s broader research interests include Indonesian civil-military relations, Indonesia-China relations, politico-security developments in the Indo-Pacific region and Australian foreign policy.


BA (Indonesian, Politics), M Int Security Studies, PhD (IntRel)

Memberships and board positions

Council Member - Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) Queensland


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