The past, present and future of Indigenous ethnobotanical knowledge

Indigenous Australians face interrelated and compounding problems in relation to maintaining, protecting and preserving their ethnobotanical knowledge, such as biopiracy, loss of biodiversity, knowledge, and opportunity. This Indigenous-led project aims to resolve some of these problems by building community-based databases that can protect, preserve, and facilitate further community controlled use of ethnobotanical knowledge. The project aims to be of direct benefit to the partner communities, by assisting in the support and promotion of Indigenous economic self-sufficiency and sustainability. In addition to providing this direct positive impact to the communities involved in the research, the project is designed to be replicated across Australia to similarly benefit Indigenous communities throughout the country.

This project was secured as part of round 1 of the ARC Discovery Indigenous 2023.


Hon. Prof Henrietta Marrie
Honorary Professor, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI), UQ

Dr Allison Fish
Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Policy Futures, UQ

Profesor Brad Sherman
UQ Laureate Fellow, TC Beirne School of Law, UQ

Professor Robert Henry
Professor of Innovation in Agriculture, Centre for Crop Science (QAAFI), UQ

Professor Yasmina Sultanbawa
Professorial Research Fellow, Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences (QAAFI), UQ

Associate Professor Jane Anderson
Associate Professor and Global Fellow in the Engelberg Center for Innovation Law and Policy, Law School, New York University

Associate Professor Maui Hudson
Director, Te Kotahi Research Institute, University of Waikato