The Legitimacy Crisis of Expertise: International case studies on government uptake of expert advice in the development of COVID-19 policy responses

This project is a result of the UQ-Ghent University Policy Engagement Program on Knowledge Exchange, which builds and sustains a collaborative program with Emerging Premier Partner, Ghent University. The program was initiated when CPF hosted a zoom workshop in July 2020, Architectures of Knowledge Exchange, where UQ and Ghent colleagues presented four case studies relating to engagement with policymakers on youth justice, policing, the circular economy, and strategic planning. This project seeks to further develop the collaboration in-depth.

The study examines governments’ engagement with experts and adoption of expert advice in the formulation of policy responses to the COVID-19 crisis in the EU and Indo-Pacific regions. 

Key research considerations:

  • Public sector institutional dynamics in a crisis
  • Politics and the legitimacy of expertise
  • Advisory structures and significance for knowledge exchange
  • Respect for expertise
  • Issues of trust and risk
  • Databases and digital platforms
  • Integration of expert advice in emergency planning
  • Embedding learnings into policy decision-making systems