About BIEN 2022: Basic Income Earth Netwok

The 21st BIEN Congress will be a hybrid event, involving a mixture of online and face-to-face events. The main face-to-face event will take place from 26-28 September at The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. 

BIEN 2022 will be jointly hosted by BIEN Australia, The Centre for Policy Futures,  Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at The University of Queensland, the Australian Basic Income Lab, and Queensland University of Technology

 What can basic income offer in a time of crisis and transformation?

Climate change and COVID-19 continue to impact populations around the world, compounding existing inequalities and insecurities, while producing new economic, political, social and environmental fissures. At the same time, the global basic income debate has intensified as the inadequacies and injustices of old systems are exposed. This has further spurred new basic income proposals, movements, and experiments. Both climate change and COVID-19 are showing us that we must not return to ‘normal’.  We need to consider new and better futures.

The headline theme of BIEN 2022 explores how ongoing ecological, health and economic crises are challenging and expanding our thinking about the possibilities of basic income during societal transformation. We ask, how can we think about the role of basic income in the positive transformations that are needed? We ask, what can we learn from voices and knowledges often overlooked — First Nations peoples, young people and the many other marginalised voices and actors? BIEN 2022 seeks to bring together old and new ideas about how to make a better world for all.


Hybrid event (mix of online and face-to-face). Face-to-face at The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.