About A Myanmar Case Study

Australian Red Cross and the Queensland International Humanitarian Law Advisory
Committee, in collaboration with the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, invite
you to an online webinar to discuss international humanitarian law and the protection it provides to
emergency medical personnel, medical transport and buildings in situations of armed conflict.

Myanmar will be engaged with as a case study to explain the threshold of when International Humanitarian
Law (‘IHL’) applies and when it does not. Discussion will centre on the role and dangers experienced by
emergency health care personnel administering medical care in conflict zones, as well as how IHL applies
to them in these complex and challenging contexts.
The event will include speakers from both an IHL and emergency healthcare perspective and will include
speakers with direct experience in Myanmar. The webinar and panel will be moderated by LARRY MAYBEE,
Australian Red Cross Legal Advisor for the Humanitarian and Health Sectors.
Larry will be joined by Dr GEORGINA PHILLIPS, an emergency medicine doctor and committee member of
the Global Emergency Care Committee (‘GECCo’) of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
(‘ACEM’). Georgina is also an honorary Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Medicine (1)
in Yangon, Myanmar. Dr CLAIRE BROLAN (PhD Public Health), a health justice specialist and Senior Research
Fellow at the Centre for Policy Futures, The University of Queensland, and the community representative
on GECCo, will also present.