Getting Research into Policy and Practice

Getting Research into Policy and Practice

Mon 3 Dec 2018 9:00amTue 4 Dec 2018 2:00pm


Level 2, Global Change Institute, UQ, St Lucia
Group Learning Centre

The University of Queensland's Centre for Policy Futures is holding a training workshop to help researchers navigate Australia's policy landscape. The Director of the Centre, Professor Karen Hussey, together with a team of policy experts will:

  • Introduce you to Australia's federal system and the respective roles and responsibilities of local, state/territory and federal governments.
  • Showcase a number of successful 'science-to-policy' case studies.
  • Explore what evidence-based policy means in practice.
  • Share experiences - good and bad - of interacting and engaging with the policy process, including insights into how you can connect your research with policy and program development.
  • Explain the difference between political and policy spheres.
  • Explore the relationship between politics and science funding.

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