Australia is on the cusp of a healthcare revolution. Genomics and genetic testing are big business that will lead to improved diagnoses, more personalised healthcare, targeted pharmaceuticals and better pre-screening than ever before.

The Queensland Government has committed $25m through the Queensland Genomics Health Alliance, and the Federal Government has announced the 10-year $500m genomics plan to advance the technology further. The program will give an overview of the existing technology and recent advances – as well as addressing the ethical, legal and social implications of making this genetic data more readily accessible.

Understanding Genomics in Healthcare will give policy makers and political advisers in the health and science portfolios a better understanding of the latest scientic developments and future technologies in genomics and genetic testing. It will also provide a forum to navigate the ethical, legal and social implications of the technology, to build public trust.

This course is designed for Queensland mid to senior policy makers and public servants within the health, science and innovation portfolios.


  • Introduction to genomics and genetic testing
  • Expected patient outcomes by 2030
  • A snapshot of existing policy in Australian and international jurisdictions
  • An overview of current funding research priorities and developments in Australia
  • The ethical, legal and social implications

The Program is being coordinated in partnership with the UQ Business School. For more details and registration, visit the UQ Executive Education website here.

For further information contact Anna Moloney: or 07 3443 3109.

$800 (exc. GST)


Ms Anna Moloney, External Relations Manager
07 3443 3109