The Right to Health in the new Human Rights Act of Queensland - Crash Course

The University of Queensland's Centre for Policy Futures invites you to register for the 'The Right to Health in the new Human Rights Act of Queensland -  Crash Course'

Date:    Wednesday 11th September 2019

Time:    9:00am - 12:00pm

Venue:  Level 2, Group Learning Space (273), Global Change Institute Building (20),
              UQ St Lucia Campus

Cost:    $66.00 (inc. GST)

In 2019, Queensland’s Parliament passed the Human Rights Act of Queensland (HRAQ), which will make Queensland the third Australian State/Territory to implement rights legislation.

The new HRAQ will have 23 rights, including the right to health (Article 37).

Article 37 Right to Health Services
(1) Every person has the right to access health services without discrimination.
(2) A person must not be refused emergency medical treatment that is immediately necessary to save the person’s life or to prevent serious impairment to the person.

The right to health in the new HRAQ is a significant milestone: this is the first time the right to health will be domesticated and justiciable in Australia.

This workshop will provide a ‘crash course’ on what is the right to health, what are the key right to health challenges likely to emerge in Queensland, and how can this human right be leveraged to advance the health and wellbeing of all Queenslanders, especially as part of Australia’s larger Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) commitment to Leave No One Behind by year 2030.

This workshop will appeal to:

  • Public health and development policy officers
  • Civil society, community, social & legal advocates
  • Queensland medical, health and social service providers



Delivered by Dr Claire E Brolan (PhD (Public Health) MA LLB (Hons) BA). Claire is a qualified lawyer (non-practising), and right to health and SDG health equity and wellbeing policy specialist.

Claire has some 60 peer-reviewed and other publications in (i.e) The Lancet, Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Medical Journal of Australia, Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health, Australian Journal of Human Rights, and Medical Law Review.

Claire has experience conducting legal and social advocacy for access to essential medicines and health care and related social services for vulnerable and minority populations in both the UK and Queensland, and has worked with leading right to health scholars from around the world providing advice and guidance to the European Commission on SDG 3 (Health & Wellbeing).

Claire completed her PhD and Post-Doctoral studies on the right to health at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto in June 2018. She is currently co-authoring a textbook on interdisciplinary right to health approaches. Claire sits on the Global Council for Financing the SDGs, hosted by the Government of the UAE, is a community representative on the International Emergency Medicine Committee of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, and is the Medical Sector Representative on the Queensland Red Cross’ International Humanitarian Law Committee.

'The Right to Health in the new Human Rights Act of Queensland - Crash Course'

Wed 11 Sep 2019 9:00am12:00pm


Dr Claire Brolan