Climate Change and Quantifying Risks/Opportunities from Mine Closure

26 Jul 2022

On Friday June 24, CPF's Dr Ray Maher presented on Climate Change and Quantifying the Risks/Opportunities from Mine Closure, as part of CRC TiME's Dig Deeper Webiner Series. Other speakers in this session included Ed Holloway and Anna Littleboy. 

Ray's presentation is a product of his research program titled "Transitions and Climate Change," undertaken with Professor Rick Valenta. The project's main objective was to capture the impact that climate responses (adaptation and mitigation) may have upon the economic, social and environmental transformations in mining regions, which assists the prioritisation of investment through the CRC. The project also contributed towards a strong articulation of the connection between the CRC, climate change and the wide range of prior and existing research and diverse opinion in this dynamic space.

Click here to read the final project report, and here to watch a recording of the webinar.