Policy Futures Labs @ UQ

12 March 2019

The Policy Futures Labs work with governments and their stakeholders to help them develop and explore new ideas, approaches and tools needed to address complex societal issues (e.g. disruptive technologies, climate change and sustainable development).

Our labs facilitate collaborative experimentation where participants develop new ways to explore and frame problems and generate and iterate solutions.

Each draw upon principles of adaptive learning, evidence-based policy, experimentation,  reflexive  practice, evaluative inquiries, policy co-design, speculative scenarios, prototyping, abductive reasoning, systems thinking and action research.


The Policy Futures Lab benefits partners and clients by supporting organisational learning, experimentation and innovation to:

  • Identify and frame problems
  • Devise and test potential solutions
  • Design and implement policy frameworks, programs and plans
  • Monitor and evaluate program efficacy

In summary, the Policy Futures Lab engages participants to explore different aspects of policy design, implementation and evaluation in novel ways.   

Recent Labs

  • QLD Climate Change Sectoral Adaptation Plan (Industry and Resources Sector)
  • Reef Restoration Adaptation Program
  • Fish quota allocations with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Queensland’s post-2020 Climate Change Policy

Who benefits?

The lab is not only beneficial for public servants -but also non-government organisations, industry bodies, and business owners or operations managers involved in policy-making of private organisations.

For more information on Policy Futures Labs @ UQ contact Rachael Hazel on: r.hazell@uq.edu.au  or phone 07 3443 3150.