Researcher biography

Chris McEwan is a research assistant for Professor Hussey at the Centre for Policy Futures. He is presently involved in research focussing on the policy dimensions of climate change in Australia.

Chris’s background is in International Relations and he recently completed a Master of International Relations at the University of Queensland. His research interests lie at the intersection of political science, history, and geography with a focus on investigating the historical and sociopolitical dimensions of conflict and security, both contemporary and historical. His previous research in this space has explored the historical and strategic context of maritime perspectives on contemporary Asian geography.

In addition to his role at the Centre for Policy Futures, Chris is a PhD Candidate at the University of Queensland with the the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences. His project is investigating the anthropic consequences of climate change, specifically in the area of (human) security. The project aims to ‘test’ theoretical and small sample conjectures from the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report about the effects of climate change on conflict, migration, and state stability using the larger historical record. It is hoped that these results will be beneficial to both academic and policy discourses on the effects climate change on human well-being and will highlight the usefulness of the longer historical record for the testing of political science theories.