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Policy Impact Program

A partnership with the Winston Churchill Trust, the Policy Impact Program curates a selection of ideas from Churchill Fellows that have the potential to shape best practice and policy reform on a variety of relevant and contemporary issues facing Australia. The culmination of the program is its flagship publication – Policy Futures: A Reform AgendaFor enquiries, contact Dr Jennifer Yarnold: j.yarnold@uq.edu.au

Policy Engagement Program

The Policy Engagement Program invites and engages experts on policy-priority topics over roundtable discussions to guide the development of the Centre’s Policy Futures Think Piece series. The series are designed to unpack complex topics for policy makers and regulators. For enquiries, contact Dr Jennifer Yarnold: j.yarnold@uq.edu.au.

Professional DevelopmentProfessional Development

The Centre conducts a series of engaging seminars, webinars and workshops for UQ and other researchers to improve their understanding of policy landscape and increase the impact of UQ research to inform policymakers. Among these are the popular Getting Research into Policy & Practice (GRiPP) training workshops. 

For enquiries, contact Dr Pedro Fidelman at p.fidelman@uq.edu.au

Policy Internships 

The Centre offers policy internships for UQ’s Early Career Researchers and Higher Degree Research students to maximise the relevance of their research and encourage a culture of ‘policy entrepreneurs’. For enquiries, contact Dr Jennifer Yarnold: j.yarnold@uq.edu.au. 

Parliamentary Submissions

The Centre for Policy Futures is well positioned to assist UQ academics impact public policy in their area of expertise. One of the avenues to facilitate this is through submissions to Queensland and Federal Parliamentary Inquiries – you can find a selection of our parliamentary submissions and templates here

For further information, contact Dr Pedro Fidelman at p.fidelman@uq.edu.au

Queensland Conversations Series

Hosted by UQ and QUT, Queensland Conversations offer policy-makers and ministers private meetings with experts to learn more about a topic and the issues surrounding it.

For further information, contact Anna Maloney, External Relations Manager, on a.moloney@uq.edu.au.

Parliamentary Briefings 

Parliamentary Briefings draw attention to specific reform ideas to relevant parliamentary committees and encourage debate and discussion about its relevance to each Parliament’s work program.

For further information, contact Dr Pedro Fidelman at p.fidelman@uq.edu.au.

Visiting Fellowships 

The Centre for Policy Futures Visiting Fellows Program encourages recognised researchers, policymakers and practitioners to visit the Centre to conduct research work, to interact with its scholars and to bring insights to its members and audience.

Click here for further information, contact Dr Rachael Hazell at r.hazell@uq.edu.au.

Policy Parcels (coming soon)

The soon-to-be-released podcast series will provide a 10-15 minute synopsis of contemporary, policy-relevant issues from a range of sectors. 

For further information, contact Dr Jennifer Yarnold at j.yarnold@uq.edu.au.