About Introducing Future Earth Panel Event

Future Earth is an eminent global research network aimed at enhancing sustainability by enabling and translating the Sustainable Development Goals from research to practice. This informal public event will showcase the activities of the global Future Earth network by bringing together three key Future Earth initiatives underway in Australia and abroad.


About the Panelists

Professor Tim Smith is the Executive Dean for the Faculty of Arts, Business and Law at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). His research is focused on the relationships between people, place and change, particularly in relation to climate change adaptation, coastal management, and water governance. Prior research
scientist with the CSIRO. He is a lead author for the upcoming IPCC assessment report, an Adjunct Professor at Brock University, Canada, a Senior Research Associate at Uppsala University,
Sweden, and part of the international scientific steering committee for Future Earth Coasts.


Tayanah O’Donnell is the Director of Future Earth Australia based at the Australian Academy of Science. Her research focusses on the legal and regulatory aspects of climate change adaptation with a particular interest in the legal, political, and cultural aspects of coastal adaptation. She is a qualified lawyer and social scientist, and was recently awarded her PhD in legal geography from the Institute of Culture and Society at Western Sydney University.


David Hamilton from Water Future Australia


WHEN:    Tuesday 5th June 2018

TIME:      4:00pm - 5:00pm, followed by light refreshments


Room 262, Level 2, Steel Building (3)
Top of Staff House Road



Steele Building (3)
Staff House Road
Lecture Theatre 262