Amidst strong debate around the ongoing exclusion of civil society from food system governance processes such as the UN Food Summit and the SDGs, it is more important than ever that grassroots 'fair food' voices are heard. We know that civil society in Australia is a key actor for transforming our food systems to be more sustainable, resilient and just - we have seen this in the way that local growers, cooperatives, gardens, food sharing groups, social enterprises, alliances and diverse 'food citizens' have responded to food system inequalities during the COVID-19 pandemic, and in our increasingly connected Fair Food movements. And while implementation of the SDGs by the Australian government has been low, it remains unclear how community-based food justice organisations, entreprises or groups might be engaging with this significant global governance framework.

If you or your fair food group use the SDG framework in your work we want to hear from you!

This event is the second in a series of online dialogues with civic food actors (growers, food hubs, circular economy initiatives, food charities, policy and advocacy alliances) focused solely on grassroots perspectives on food system transformation.

Discussions will include talks and interactive activities by:

1. Civil society, food justice and the SDGs - Dr Kiah SmithFair Food Futures researcher, University of Queensland

2. SDG participation in national/global context - Dr Claire Brolan, Centre for Policy Futures, University of Queensland

4. Localising the SDGs: Learning from Australian civic food - Joanna Horton, postgraduate candidate University of Queensland

Part local-initiative, part-national research study, the FAIR FOOD FUTURES project aims to co-create future scenarios that have local participation and food justice/sovereignty at their core. This workshop will contribute important insights into localising the SDGs.


About Fair Food and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals