Decarbonising Queensland: Lessons from the Californian Experience

Mr Richard Corey has 28 years of professional experience in the air pollution field with over 20 years of that experience in a management capacity at California’s Air Resources Board (ARB). Mr Corey has been Executive Officer at California Air Resources Board since April 2013.

In the context of climate change action, Mr. Corey oversaw the establishment of the second largest carbon market in the world, supervising the development and implementation of California's pioneering cap and trade regulation including the first two successful auctions of carbon allowances.

Mr. Corey is responsible for implementing a wide variety of programs at ARB including the low carbon fuel standard, and measures and incentives to reduce emissions from a variety of goods movement sources. These include port trucking, transport refrigeration units, cargo handling operations, maritime operations, and rail-related goods movement.

In addition, he played leadership roles in key programs that have significantly reduced emissions and contributed to improving public health including the development and implementation of the cleaner- burning gasoline regulations, measures to reduce emissions from stationary and portable diesel engines, and several strategies to reduce emissions of toxic air contaminants from a wide variety of sources.

He also worked on establishing and implementing the Board's air toxics program as well as efforts to verify low emission distributed generation technologies, along with managing the program to reduce ozone-forming emissions from a broad spectrum of consumer products. Mr. Corey has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Toxicology and an MBA from University of California, Davis.

Decarbonising Queensland: Lessons from the Californian Experience

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