Dr Grant Pink is a global expert in the area of regulatory and enforcement networks, and building capability and capacity within and across regulatory, enforcement, and policing agencies. He is the founder and Managing Director of RECAP Consultants Pty Ltd. RECAP is a specialist regulatory and enforcement consultancy which provides services domestically and internationally.

Dr Pink has 30 years regulatory, enforcement and policing experience in practitioner, manager, executive, senior executive, academic and consultant roles. His practitioner experience combined with his academic qualifications has resulted in several ‘pracademic’ appointments, including with INTERPOL, specifically to bridge the practitioner and academic worlds.

Dr Pink’s research considered international practices and developments in building regulatory capacity and capability in regulatory agencies. For his research he received the Vice-Chancellor’s Doctoral Research Medal.

Dr Pink is an Adjunct Professor (Regulation and Enforcement) in the School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania. He has written more than 20 articles for practitioner and academic publications in the areas of regulatory practice, capacity building, networks, networking, communities of practice, and collaboration.